Countries need to act urgently to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

It was with the above admonition that, on 21 July, the Bertelsmann Foundation published its report entitled Index and Dashboard produced in cooperation with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

One year after the UN Summit adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the report shows that all countries face major challenges in achieving these ambitious goals by 2030. Even Sweden, the country that has achieved the most, scores "red" on several goals.

The Index, which has been produced for 149 countries, was first presented on 20 July in New York, at a function associated with the events of the UN High Level Panel Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Some 150 researchers, UN diplomats, business experts, representatives of NGOs and conscious citizens were interested in how the achievement of sustainable development goals can be measured and evaluated.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Mun accepted the document with the following words: “I am confident that the report launched by SDSN and Bertelsmann Stiftung will add value to this important and inclusive process as we work together to put the world on a more peaceful, just and sustainable path.”

In order to measure the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal no. 6, “Clean water and sanitation”, the following data were taken into account:

Freshwater withdrawal (% of total renewable water resources): 1999-2012 FAO (2016)

Access to improved water source (% of population): 2011-2015 WHO & UNICEF (2016)

Access to improved sanitation facilities (% of population): 2011-2015 WHO & UNICEF (2016)

The positions of individual countries can be found easily using the interactive map, which shows that Hungary is in 24th place among the 149 countries measured.

According to Hungary’s profile on page 172, we are in 44th place on the basis of the Human Development Index (HDI), in 95th place with respect to Subjective Wellbeing, 41st place on per capita GDP, in 63rd place with our Global Development Index and in 28th place with our Environmental Performance Index.

For the individual goals, the report uses colour coding to indicate the severity of the challenges facing each country in the individual areas. Hungary’s SDG Dashboard is shown below: the report confirms that we are doing well in clean water and sanitation.

Source: Bertelsmann Foundation

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