Clean water for the future of Congolese children!

The Foundation for Africa, which has been operating for 14 years, was established to help disadvantaged children. They continue to strive to provide quality educations for more than the almost 500 African students, and to take the best possible care of the 11 orphans they currently support. The Foundation operates in Kinshasa, primarily supported by donations from Hungarians.

Prior to the completion of the Clean water for the future of Congolese children! project, accidentally and intentionally broken water pipes meant that there was no water supply over kilometres of the pipelines, and the damaged pipes also often led to the water being contaminated and thus harmful to health. In order to address the situation, in 2015, the European Year of International Development, the Foundation replaced the obsolete water pipelines of its school and orphanage in Kinshasa. As a result, not only the primary targets, i.e. the 700 students and 40 staff of College Othniel and the 11 orphans living at the La Providence Orphanage received access to save drinking water: the water supply was also re-established for several thousand people living in the area.

During the work, they discussed the water system, its operation and management, as well as the problems that arise with the local residents, they held a series of lectures on the value and the wildlife of water, water cleanliness and suitability for consumption as well as wastewater management. Younger people could learn about the importance of washing hands and general issues of sanitation.

As a result of the development and the dissemination of information, the water supply in the neighbourhood around the Congo school has become more stable, the opportunity for regular bathing, washing and cooking using unpolluted water has been provided for 22 thousand people. The increase in the number of access points, the distances over which water needs to be carried have also been reduced, and, thanks to the public discussions, the residents of the district take better care of their water pipe networks; they notice if the water mains are broken or damaged in any way. The project has received 5 million forints of support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, while the Foundation has collected an additional 600 thousand forints from private donors.