Blue in Green – Budapest Under Water

A new public piece by two Polish artists, created on a wall in Budapest’s Üllői Road, is inspired by watery theme. The mural guides viewers into another dimension, in which the city is an underwater world.

The mural, entitled Blue in Green, is the work of Michal Sepe and Daniel Chazme, and the distinctive styles of both artists are recognisable in it. In line with the theme for this year’s festival, the mural, created during the Colourful City Festival between 21 September and 19 October, deals with the relationship between water and the city. Going somewhat beyond the topic, the Polish artists also included the theme of social inequality, poverty and wealth in their work.

The Colorful City Group is Hungary’s first organisation devoted to making large walls and public spaces more colourful. The fundamental idea of the initiative is based on Victor Vasarely’s 1983 Colorful City concept, whose central notion is that art should move out into the streets, the public spaces, so that people don’t only come across works of fine art in galleries. In addition to public murals, the Colorful City project also creates public sculptures using recycled materials, and they also present new roles and uses of well-known materials and objects to people in the street, also with the intention of rendering everyday city life more colourful.

Source of the photos: Daniel Chazme’s Facebook page, photographer: Wrega Michal