Assistance with autonomous food production: a water supply system in Northern Ethiopia

Hungary’s excellent water management know-how and practical experience were the foundation for the water management and irrigation programme implemented between 2007 and 2012 in the Kobo Girana Valley of Ethiopia’s Amhara region by VIKUV Water Prospecting and Drilling Ltd.

They built a drip irrigation system and a water supply system for a 30-hectare plantation, thereby creating the opportunity for autonomous food production. They drilled wells in order to provide irrigation water for the plantation, whose capacity is also sufficient to provide drinking water for the residents of two nearby settlements. As neither the towns nor their vicinity had electricity networks, they installed a mobile generator to operate the irrigation and water supply system. In addition to the drilling of the wells and the provision of drinking water to the towns, the Ethiopian water management specialists also attended theoretical and practical training courses in Hungary.

The project was implemented with funding from the International Development Cooperation Agency of Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the mutual benefit of the development was also served by the fact that the financial background for the project was provided through a debt relief agreement between the Hungarian and the Ethiopian governments (for 10% of the entire outstanding debt), totalling USD 743,591.