Water is running from a tap. Would you turn it off?

How many people would walk past a running tap in the street without turning it off? And how much water would be wasted until someone responsible enough to turn the tap off walks past? Those are the questions that were investigated using a drinking fountain installed for a few hours during the Budapest 2016 World Water Summit at one of Budapest’s busiest intersections, Nyugati Square.

Hungarian stamp published on the occasion of the Budapest Water Summit

“Water is one of the most important issues of the 21st century”, said President János Áder, in whose presence the Hungarian Post Office unveiled a unique stamp on the occasion of the 2016 Budapest Water Summit at the Sándor Palace.

Water from air – a new, innovative solution for dealing with water scarcity

As we have reported previously, all around the world, researchers are working on innovative solutions to the increasingly severe problem of water scarcity. A working group of VICI-Labs, the University of California, Berkeley, and the American National Peace Corps Association has developed an innovative solution based on the theory of the water cycle.

The Hungarian documentary that took fifteen years to make: 300 Tonnes of Gold

The documentary New Eldorado by Béla Balázs Award-winning director Tibor Kocsis is among the works that have garnered the most prizes in the last 15 years. The story of Verespatak continues in the film 300 Tonnes of Gold, whose gala premiere, attended by Hungarian President János Áder, has attracted a full house as the introductory event of the 2016 Budapest Water Summit.

The Financial Times held a water summit in London

The Financial Times Water Summit was held on 12 October in London. Over 150 experts in business, water management and finance from all around the world attended. The event was organised in cooperation by the Financial Times, the World Water Council and the World Bank. The purpose of the forum is the let participants share the latest research results and developments associated with reducing the risks associated with water.

Water in the most beautiful Hungarian nature photos – exhibition on a fence in Budapest

An exhibition on a fence showing 41 of the most beautiful Hungarian nature photos has been opened in Budapest, in the Castle Garden Bazaar. The works of the 26 Hungarian nature photographers show the topic of the exhibition, water, in a great variety of ways and styles.

Water consumption is an important issue in Slovakia

Slovakian households are reducing their water consumption. The Water Management Research Institute measures household water consumption continuously and they have detected a decreasing trend.

Innovative solutions to the problem of water scarcity

We learn about our planet’s water cycle shortly after we start school, and indeed it seems simple that the air around us contains gaseous water, which is caused by evaporation from water surfaces that is visible to the naked eye, and once it is sufficiently cooled, it condenses, becomes liquid and drinkable again.

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