Mineral Water Collections in Hungary

Mineral water culture has a rich tradition in Hungary. There are several collections treasuring the worthwhile pieces and those of technological heritage. Let us introduce you to two of these places. One of them is number one not only in Central Europe but in the whole world.

Mineral waters have been collected in large numbers by two institutions in Hungary. The older one is the Parád Collection (Parád, Kossuth Str. 221) which is open between 10 am and 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays but visitors are welcome at other times, too by appointment. The core of the collection consisting of 350 pieces are the Hungarian bottled mineral waters but the portion of this collection which hails from 25 foreign countries is also significant. The latter is interesting because grateful foreign patients of the nearby hospital donated these items. Documents, post cards, clippings of and about Parádfürdő are also displayed in the museum.

The biggest collection in the world is the privately owned mineral water collection displaying 3000 different kinds of waters can be visited in the Budapest headquarters of Aquaprofit PLC. The mineral and medical water collection is grouped by countries and by companies following the proper systematization of ISO certification. The data and analysis of the arriving waters are processed and computerized. The PLC operates a unique mineral water search program on its website, www.aquaprofit.com with the help of which one can find almost all the bottling companies in the world which have an internet presence.