Water in a Warehouse? An interactive exhibition at the Danube Museum

What wonders are kept locked away from visitors? Why is there a museum if nobody gets to see the objects it collects?! Those are some of the questions that may occur to museum lovers before they visit this institution which collects, organises, processes and presents objects and other memorabilia. The Danube Museum had an idea and applied for funding to the Social Infrastructure Operative Programme, and opened its Visitors’ Warehouse in the winter of 2014.

Traditionally, the museum places great emphasis on interactive exhibits and educational programmes that tie into them. People interested in playful learning with active participation will certainly have a good time at the Museum’s Visitors’ Warehouse.

The Visitors’ Warehouse contains a number of interesting features: under the glass floor, for instance, a set of objects are shown that were originally also used below floor level. They include ancient and mediaeval water conduits as well as the water meters that became widely used at the beginning of the 20th century.

It was important that the design of the Visitors’ Warehouse match the interactive world of the 21st century, too, so touch screens have been installed to provide additional information about the objects associated with water, and various games testing visitors’ memories and knowledge allow them to explore the pieces in the collection at their own pace.