The Magic Banks of the Danube

Nations experience and enjoy the banks of their rivers in different ways – the Seine, the Thames and Volga do not tempt in the exact same way. The most family-like atmosphere is probably offered by Római Part (meaning Roman Beach) the part of the shore in Buda, north of the train bridge that connects two sides of the Danube, Aquincum and Újpest with its unique atmosphere thanks to being a combination of water, rowing, a holiday region and a pleasure ground. 

The heyday of this impressive part of the shore of the Danube was in the fifties as it was recorded in the legendary hit “In a Boathouse by the Danube” (Egy Duna-parti csónakházban) in the movie “State Store” (Állami áruház). Strolling on the shore of Római Part, one still meets holiday homes, boathouses, pleasure grounds, bathing platforms. Ship, speed boats can be rented in the boathouses. The atmosphere is completely different from what it was forty or twenty years ago but it even changes every day: from day to night. The pleasure grounds are full in the summer afternoons and evenings. But in winter the place is completely dead preparing for spring and summer with all its might dreaming of dangerous waves and bass rich fog horns. 

The Most Recent Dating Paradise

The other is a new favourite, Kopaszi-gát. It virtually took just a year or two to turn the abandoned construction site of Lágymányos Bay into a modern park, a gastronomic centre and a popular dating place.  An area ten acres in size, offers visitors a place to relax, to have active recreation, work-out. Following complex and complicated dredging works, the river has been populated by tons of fish, refilling is done annually. The fauna of the river has already become more vital than it had been in the previous decades.

The complete infrastructure had to be changed or rather developed. A cantilever belvedere running over the water was built from the side of Andalgó Street. A water stage of 250 m2 was constructed on the water of the eastern part of the bay surrounded by a theatre on the ground seating 2,500 people. A 1.2 acres large banked up sandy shore was developed on the western part.

Chirping of Birds, Harbour, Playground

A 15,000 m2 promenade covered with stones and wood was developed. New public lighting with designer lamps was put in place, outdoor furniture and trash cans were installed. More than 2,500 types of trees were planted and 150 bird feeders put in place to ensure constant chirping. The 700 m2 remodelled team and boathouse is used by Spartacus Club (Spartacus Sportegyesület).

A modern playground in accordance with EU standards stands as an invitation to children. A harbour was built at the entrance of the park. 5 billion HUF have already been spent by foreign investors for the development of the popular recreation and entertainment grounds.

Please Walk on the Grass!

Kopaszi-gát is popular among people. Restaurants, ice-cream parlours, cafés, bars are opening one after the other and no one is telling you not to sit on the grass if you feel like having an outdoor picnic on the grounds while watching the quietly rippling water.