Special guided tour to the Aquincum Museum!

On the occasion of the Budapest Water Summit we invite you for a special guided tour to the Aquincum Museum. On the program you get knowledge about the ancient Roman drinking- and waste water system or the private- and common bath culture. The aquincum „water”organ is also part of the tour.

The First Fountain of Budapest

The still impressive first fountain of the capital city is thanks to Pest First Home Savings Bank. Originally it was planned to be raised in  Ferenciek tere (a downtown square at the foot of Elizabeth Bridge) but finally, the fountain, named Danubius Well was inaugurated in Kálvin tér (also a downtown square) in 1883.

The Wonderful World of Our Floodplain Grasslands

As its name implies, Duna-Dráva National Park is located almost fully on a territory that once had been a floodplain along the Danube (in Hungarian Duna) and River Drava (in Hungarian Dráva).  Its crown jewels include the world famous, stunningly beautiful groves, the Gemenc and Béda-Karapancsa regions, all compellingly rich in wildlife.

The Ancient Balaton

The first records of the “Hungarian sea” date back to Roman ages, although Balaton most probably played a role as far back as prehistoric times. These records mostly deal with ancient farming and fishing, pointing to an undisputed significance already then. As time had passed, the shape of the lake has changed significantly and the natural and artificial changes can be followed through maps and archaeological sites.

The Summer and Winter Looks of Lake Balaton

Being the biggest lake in Central Europe and also one of the most important natural treasures of Hungary, the “Hungarian sea” offers an opportunity for a fantastic recreation every season of the year. The lake impresses the visitors with both its beauty and atmosphere, it is a locale of unforgettable summer and winter memories alike, where not only beach life and holiday culture are flourishing but it is also a place which is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the arts.

Pumping Station of Karapancsa

The pumping station of Karapancsa, built in 1904, is one of the masterpieces of Hungarian technological history and at the same time the most significant piece of inland water regulation in the region. Even nowadays it is one of the water facilities with the longest operational hours in the country.

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