Kecskemét has received a water-powered pendulum clock

As of 22 April 2016, the Kecskemét customer service office of water utility provider BÁCSVÍZ Ltd. is adorned by a water-powered pendulum clock that is the only one of its kind in Hungary. The unveiling ceremony of the piece, which is significant from the perspective of local industrial history, took place on Earth Day. The device, dreamed up by clockmaker István Hanga, who is deservedly respected in Kecskemét, is an artistic symbol of the parallel of continuity between water and time, while also paying homage to the traditional craft of watchmaking.

The water-powered pendulum clock and its maker, Zsolt Hanga

Decades ago, István Hanga saw a clock working on a similar principle in Rome, and it raised his interest straight away. The essence of this peculiar solution is that the kinetic energy of water flowing downwards drives the clockwork via a pendulum. Mr Hanga found a partner for the realisation of his ideas in Viktor Kurdi, the CEO of BÁCSVÍZ Ltd., who was glad to get behind the project. The water utility provider of the region is ready to do anything to emphasise the vital role of water, they support all ideas that help spread that message among the public.

The completely unique design was custom-built by Zsolt Hanga, who – following in the footsteps of his father – is a notable practitioner of the art of watchmaking. The clockwork device, built in over 200 hours of almost 100 individual parts is 1.85 metres tall and weights about 70 kg. It is accurate to within 1 minute in a week. The stainless steel pendulum clock has 1.8 litres of water running through it every minute, the water required for driving it is provided by a recycling system.

The water-powered pendulum clock symbolises the values formulated in the social mission of BÁCSVÍZ Ltd.: the artistically produced device embodies the cooperation between human knowledge and the natural element of water. The company’s partners, who have also adopted those values, were happy to support the project, which was completed with the cooperation of 25 businesses in all.