Eternal mayflies

The life of the mayfly is in itself a symbol. The deep symbolism of the animal itself and the blooming of the River Tisza that they are involved in has inspired many artists.

Kecskemét has received a water-powered pendulum clock

The water-powered pendulum clock and its maker, Zsolt HangaAs of 22 April 2016, the Kecskemét customer service office of water utility provider BÁCSVÍZ Ltd. is adorned by a water-powered pendulum clock that is the only one of its kind in Hungary. The unveiling ceremony of the piece, which is significant from the perspective of local industrial history, took place on Earth Day. The device, dreamed up by clockmaker István Hanga, who is deservedly respected in Kecskemét, is an artistic symbol of the parallel of continuity between water and time, while also paying homage to the traditional craft of watchmaking.

Mineral-water quality drinking water directly from the mines – the water shafts at Tatabánya

The water-producing mine shafts at Tatabánya constitute the largest water base for Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt. (the North Transdanubian Waterworks Private Limited Company, ÉDV). The water shafts provide water to some 235 thousand residents as well as the institutions and industrial facilities in 5 larger towns (Tatabánya, Tata, Oroszlány, Bicske and Kisbér) and 57 villages.

The short-lived nuptial dance of mayflies – The Rivers Tisza and the Danube in Bloom

The River Tisza is in flower again, said news reports in mid-June. This year, that information is of particular interest as in 2016 the Tisza mayfly and the blooming of the Tisza were added to the Collection of Hungarica, the Storehouse of Hungarian Specialities.

Water in a Warehouse? An interactive exhibition at the Danube Museum

What wonders are kept locked away from visitors? Why is there a museum if nobody gets to see the objects it collects?! Those are some of the questions that may occur to museum lovers before they visit this institution which collects, organises, processes and presents objects and other memorabilia. The Danube Museum had an idea and applied for funding to the Social Infrastructure Operative Programme, and opened its Visitors’ Warehouse in the winter of 2014.

The Magic Banks of the Danube

Nations experience and enjoy the banks of their rivers in different ways – the Seine, the Thames and Volga do not tempt in the exact same way. The most family-like atmosphere is probably offered by Római Part (meaning Roman Beach) the part of the shore in Buda, north of the train bridge that connects two sides of the Danube, Aquincum and Újpest with its unique atmosphere thanks to being a combination of water, rowing, a holiday region and a pleasure ground. 

Danube is Blooming Once Again!

Danube witnessed a special event this year, too. After a long break and thanks to the improvement of the quality of the water in the Danube, once again one could witness the wonderful phenomenon of the wedding-dance of the proverbially short-lived mayflies that used to happen only at River Tisza.

Musical Fountains of Margaret Island

One of the important spectacles of Margaret Island are the musical fountains operated during the summer. There are such fountains both at the northern and the southern part of the island, the former is called Bodor Fountain, while following its recent renewal, the latter has become one of the biggest musical fountains in Europe.  

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