Széchenyi spa and swimming pool

The Széchenyi Spa is one of the biggest spa complexes in Europe, the first medicinal spa of Pest. It was constructed between 1909 and 1913, in a modern renaissance style. Due to the continuous developments the guests can choose from among 21 pools.

The fun pool has a drifting corridor, underwater jets, neck shower and the back-massaging water jet hidden in the seats. Besides the traditional medicinal services there are various wellness services included with the price of admission, such as the fitness room, saunas, aerobic, water gymnastics.

An interesting fact, that in the popular Mini Europe Park of Brussels, Hungary is represented by the Széchenyi Spa, which also indicates Budapest’s prominent place in the thermal tourism of Europe.


Regular screening examination, body analysis, SZÉP cures, fish-pedicure, foot reflexology


Wearing-related arthritic and spinal problems, chronic arthritic inflammations, rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries and accidents, spinal problems, nerve pains, calcium deficiency.

The drinking hall’s water is good for various internal problems (e.g.: stomach ulcer, excessive stomach acid, bladder and biliary tract problems).

Did you know?

The water of the Széchenyi spa comes from the deepest point in Budapest which is 1246 m deep, and does so at a temperature of 76 oC.

It is said that the water of the spa is an aphrodisiac. An example of proof is the following: the pools of the hippos of the Budapest zoo are filled with the same thermal water that the spa uses, and it is said that because of this a large number of hippos across Europe in other European zoos are of Hungarian descent.


Address: H-1146 Budapest, Állatkerti körút 11.; Tel: +36-1-363-3210