Margaret Island the Spa Island

Due to its charming beauty, Margaret Island had from the very start been a favourite residence of royals. Its landscaping was initiated in 1790 by the Palatine of Hungary, Archduke Alexander Leopold of Austria and after his death the works were continued by his hugely popular younger brother, Archduke Joseph of Austria, Palatine of Hungary. 

Alfréd Hajós National Sports Swimming Stadium

The competition swimming pool complex located near Palatinus Beach on Margaret Island in Budapest was the first indoor swimming pool in Hungary. It was planned by the first Hungarian Olympic champion Alfréd Hajós. The swimming pool, nicknamed by sports lovers.

Dagály Beach and Swimming Pool

Dagály Beach and Swimming Pool was opened in 1948 in a scenic environment at the northern foot of Árpád Bridge, on the banks of the river Danube. Since its opening its services have been expanding continuously and today it awaits its guest with ten various pools with medical waters of different temperatures and with a wonderful park.

Beaches in Budapest Then and Now

The real beach is a Hungaricum with ice cream, loudspeakers, buzzing children, scones, splashing balls and deck chairs. One can find either a beach or a swimming pool, or both in almost every bigger Hungarian town, although not all of them use medical water. There are six beaches in Budapest offering medical waters.

Pünkösdfürdői Beach

Pünkösdfürdői Beach is a real paradise with its rose trellises amid majestic trees. The northernmost beach of Budapest awaits those longing for refreshment in the historic area of Óbuda (i.e., Old Buda). One can visit the ruins of the Roman proconsul’s wonderful palace nearby or can chose from various physical activities and amusement opportunities offered to both children and adults.

Csillaghegyi Bath and Swimming Pool

Csillaghegyi Bath is one of the oldest beaches of Budapest which started its operation in the second half of the 19th century. Located in an impressive green environment, it has three pools in a 90,000 square meters of landscaped park. 

Paskál Beach

The youngest of all the beaches of Budapest is Paskál Beach built in 1989 on the banks of Rákos Creek in Zugló (which is one of the districts of the capital). The development was made possible thanks to the well drilling in 1965 when from 1.735 meter below the surface 70 °C water gushed out yielding 1.000 litre of water per minute.

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