Római Beach and Bath

Római Beach and Bath is located in a special environment and it its name was not awarded to it by chance: the attributes of the territory were evident for the ancient Romans, too; the Spa itself is in Óbuda (meaning Old Buda) on the territory of the onetime Aquincum.

Ancient Romans not only had knowledge of the place, they also worshiped the surroundings of the springs as a holy site; archaeological excavations conducted on the territory of the Beach revealed the foundation walls of a sanctuary which is believed to have been built to honour the water. As a result of the most recent archaeological digs, traces of wells and details of a building also were unearthed. It is not by accident that from the era of king Matyas, chronicles tell about the foundation of a hospital at this site of exceptional attributes and atmosphere.

Római Beach and Bath evolved in the thirties though its present day form was completed in 1964.  It is one of the most popular beaches in Budapest where three modernised pools are serving the guests; in the huge adventure pool there are chutes, neck showers and effervescing facilities and besides these there are saunas and steam chambers, too. From 2013, there is a bicycle storage facility for those using this mode of transportation, while children can have fun in the newly built playground.


Address: H-2013, Budapest, Rozgonyi Piroska utca 2

Tel: +36 – 1 – 388 – 9740

Web: www.romaistrand.hu