Pünkösdfürdői Beach

Pünkösdfürdői Beach is a real paradise with its rose trellises amid majestic trees. The northernmost beach of Budapest awaits those longing for refreshment in the historic area of Óbuda (i.e., Old Buda). One can visit the ruins of the Roman proconsul’s wonderful palace nearby or can chose from various physical activities and amusement opportunities offered to both children and adults.

The story of the beach is a wonder in itself. Water burst from its well on Pentecost in 1914 and this is how the beach got its name (Pünkösd is Pentecost in Hungarian). The beach on the banks of the Danube was built in 1935 based on the plans by the Hungarian Olympic champion, Alfréd Hajós. It is very pleasant to rest in its park full of majestic trees and the impressive panorama lets the viewer see as far as Szentendre Island. There is an adventure pool and children’s pool with slides among the pools surrounded by rose trellises. At the beginning of the 21st century, a sauna with a maximum capacity of 25 was added to the services.


Address: H-1039 Budapest, Királyok útja 272.

Tel.: +36-1-388 6665

Web: http://www.punkosdfurdo.hu/