Paskál Beach

The youngest of all the beaches of Budapest is Paskál Beach built in 1989 on the banks of Rákos Creek in Zugló (which is one of the districts of the capital). The development was made possible thanks to the well drilling in 1965 when from 1.735 meter below the surface 70 °C water gushed out yielding 1.000 litre of water per minute.

Previously Rákos Creek used to drive many mills, one of them was Paskál Mill named after the baker György Paschgall and the Beach was named after him. The first mention of the mill – which, according to some sources had worked till the end of the 19th century – is in the 1745 report of the meeting of Pest Council.

Two pools equipped with modern water filtering and circulation devices serve the guests: a swimming pool-twin pool with more than 1.100 square meters of water surface and a children’s pool. The beach is surrounded with enjoyable green environment offering sports courts, too, ensuring excellent recreation and relaxation opportunity to the visitors. As a new service, sauna is also offered to guests.


Address: H-1141 Budapest, Egressy út 178/f
Tel: +36-1 – 252 – 6944