Palatinus Beach

The biggest outdoor beach of the capital of Hungary offers eleven outdoor pools and is located in a nature reserve on the charming Margaret Island (Margitsziget). It was named after the Latin meaning of palatine, in remembrance of the onetime name of the island itself.

The history of Palatinus, opened in 1919 as a swimming pool on the Danube, can be traced back to the increasing popularity of bathing in the river. It was developed into a beach in 1921 by opening a big pool and building other pools with cold and warm water. It was rebuilt in 1937 according to the plan of István Janáky and that was when the wave pool, still in use and of undiminished popularity was built.

The pools are fed by the thermal springs of the island, and for the 2013 season the thermal pool was also refurbished The buildings of Palatinus are an example of the Hungarian Bauhaus architecture that have endured times. Palatinus Beach or “Pala,” as it is called by its nickname is surrounded by a beautiful park with 70,000 square meters of grass.

The adventure pool with neck shower, bubble bath and lazy river is as inviting to guests as the renewed 5 track slide and kids’ pool. There is room for further activities in the park where there are soccer fields, beach volleyball and football tennis courts.


Adress: 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget; Phone.: +36-1/340-4505