Lukács spa and swimming pool

The spa whose operation dates back to the Turkish era, was the favourite spa of Mustafa pasha. It is said to have one of the most effective medicinal waters of Budapest. The spa has thermal pools, swimming and fun pools, a wellness area, saunas and various services.

There is a drift corridor in the outdoor leisure pool, there are underwater jets, neck shower, back-massaging jets hidden in the seats, whirlpool, jet-springs, jet-bed and many other water attractions.

Guests visited from all four corners of the globe and placed marble gratitude plates on the walls of the spa after being cured by their successful therapy. The intellectual highlife of Budapest, artist, and also politicians are fond of this particular spa.


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Wearing-related spinal and arthritic illnesses, inflammations, nerve pains, calcium deficiency, treatment after injuries.

The drinking water is good for stomach and intestinal problems, the biliary tracts and the catarrh illnesses of the respiratory system.

Did you know?

The first closed pool swim race was first held in 1890. The venue was the 22x20 meter large pool of the Lukács spa. The distance was 500 meters.

The current fun pool used to be a natural mud-pool that had an area covered by a roof as well, which was the capsule shaped winter mud-lake.


Address: H-1023 Budapest, Frankel Leó u. 25-29.; Tel: +36-1-326-1695