Király spa

The construction of the spa was started by the Turkish Arslan pasha in 1565 in order to have a spa protected within the city walls even during a siege. The vintage spa is one of our rare relics of the Turkish era that is a monument and offers the early ottoman bathing culture in its original splendour.

The water was and it is still supplied from the area of the present Lukács spa, originally using a water conduit system made of larch. In 1796 it was reconstructed to its current form. Besides the 4 pools with different water temperatures there is a steam chamber and sauna, too.


  • Instead of the men’s and women’s days each day is mixed gender and, bathing requires a swimming suit!
  • Jacuzzi
  • Spa history exhibition with contributions from the Historical museum


Arthritic and spinal problems, chronic arthritic inflammations, nerve pains, calcium deficiency, treatment after injuries.

Did you know?

In 1796 the spa was owned by the König family, they reconstructed it to its current form, alloying the old with the new and preserving the monument features. The current name derives from the Hungarian version of König, meaning King.


Address: H-1027 Budapest, Fő utca 84.; Tel: +36-1-202-3688