Dagály Beach and Swimming Pool

Dagály Beach and Swimming Pool was opened in 1948 in a scenic environment at the northern foot of Árpád Bridge, on the banks of the river Danube. Since its opening its services have been expanding continuously and today it awaits its guest with ten various pools with medical waters of different temperatures and with a wonderful park.

Thermal waters found under the bed of Danube previously wastefully flowing into the river were utilised at its opening in 1948. Since 1970 when the medical waters of Széchenyi spa and swimming pool were piped to Dagály, it functions as one of the medical baths of Budapest. Besides medical services of various types, Dagály also offers different pampering massages.

Many different types of health problems can be eased by the water of the medical spring with a lovely name, Béke Well (Peace Well in Hungarian) explored in 1944. Its use in a drinking cure is advised in case of stomach and kidney problems and to ease the pain of various nervous and muscle disorders, among others.

There are ten pools, among them thermal pools, children’s pools, adventure pools, swimming pools and also steam chambers and saunas. The adventure pool offers various types of pampering to those longing for recreation of this kind, for example lazy river, bubble bed, whirlpool, neck showers, springs and sunbaths.


Address: H-1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 36.

Tel.: +36-1-452-4556

Web: http://www.dagalyfurdo.hu/