Alfréd Hajós National Sports Swimming Stadium

The competition swimming pool complex located near Palatinus Beach on Margaret Island in Budapest was the first indoor swimming pool in Hungary. It was planned by the first Hungarian Olympic champion Alfréd Hajós. The swimming pool, nicknamed by sports lovers.

Alfréd Hajós National Sports Swimming Stadium hosted a number of significant international championships, like for example the European Water polo Championship in 2001 or the European Aquatic Championship in 2006 and in 2010. But part of the Pentathlon World Championship in 1954 and later in 1999 was held here, as well as the water polo Champion League and it has also been hosting the traditional summer international water polo tournament for several years now.

Many of the best swimmers, water polo players, synchronised swimmers, scuba divers, acrobatic divers, pentathletes and triathletes are training here for their competitions. Alfréd Hajós National Sports Swimming Stadium is where a number of Hungarian Olympic and world champions have been training hard for long years. There are marble tablets in the assembly hall with their names engraved.


Address: H- 1138 Budapest, Margitsziget; Tel: + 36-1- 450-4200;  + 36-1-450-4283