University of Pécs

University of Pécs is the oldest university in Hungary, founded in 1367. Currently, the university serves as a knowledge centre of the Southern Transdanubia region, with its 10 faculties, nearly 20,000 students, and 1400 teachers and researchers. The University offers 300 study programmes and 22 research groups covering almost all fields of science, including Water Management and Hydrology.

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology offers courses, as part of Environmental Engineering BSc, Civil Engineering BSc and various post-graduate trainings: Water Management, Water Quality Protection, Transport Modelling, Wastewater Treatment Technologies.

The Faculty of Sciences has gone through an outstanding development in the past two decades. Students can chose from 12 bachelor and nine master level programs. The Faculty also offers PhD degree in four doctoral schools. The 21st century environment of research and education include modern lecture halls, laboratories and sport facilities.

Earth Sciences BSc programme provides a general bachelor level education in earth sciences. The program includes topics of Hydrology, Meteorology, and Geomorphology etc. Other water management related courses are Geography, Biology, Physics and Chemistry BSc. Earth Sciences Doctoral School also offers diverse research topics.

The Faculty of Law added Water Law to its curriculum in Hungarian language in the 2015-16 academic year. Water Law is offered for full-time students in 30 hours and includes Water Rights Management, Shipping Right, Water Damage Control, Water Utility Rights, Water Rights Treaties, Civil Protection, and International Water Rights courses.

International cooperations:

University of Pécs - Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology “Water management with the application of active surfaces in built and natural environments” INTERREG EUROPE project, in cooperation with:

The Provincial Government of Teruel (ES)

Kaunas University of Technology Institute of Environmental Engineering (LI)

Estonian Regional and Local Development Agency (EE)

Geographical Research and Cross-Border Cooperation within the Lower Basin of the Danube - universities from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia

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