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Szent István University, one of the largest higher educational institutions in Hungary, was founded in 2000 by the merger of the University of Veterinary Science in Budapest, Ybl Miklós Technical College, the Teachers’ Training College of Jászberény and the University of Agriculture in Gödöllő. The Tessedik Sámuel College joined the institution in 2009.

The University consists of 8 faculties, more than 18,000 students and over 1,000 academic staff.

The variety of departments supports the academic staff in keeping pace with current technological advances and information processing, and offers graduates comprehensive knowledge with global applicability.

Szent István University works in close cooperation with the business segment, stakeholders support students by providing practical training and advising on diploma theses. SZIE always welcomes new ideas and proposals with respect to corporate topics that correlate with it’s running educational programs.

Understanding the intercultural and regional aspects of sustainable agriculture and food technology is crucial for finding viable pathways to long-term success in Central and Eastern European agriculture.

Szent István University offers BSc, MSc and PhD courses both in Hungarian and in English. SZIU also offers courses in international partnerships with several universities worldwide, where students can chose from numerous courses in addition to their obligatory curricula.

The eight faculties of SZIU offer 15 different water related courses in total.

As water is one of the most important elements on Earth, the topics of the courses cover a huge variety from public utility and sewage management, hydraulic architecture through agricultural use and landscape protection approaches, to water quality assurance and control.

Aquatic life and related topics also feature in the following studies: fishery, wetland plants and microbiological processes. Most of the water related courses are experience-based, filled with on-site experiments and field trips organized by the university.


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