The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz)

The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz) was established in 1990 with a view to act as an independent representative of the water industry’s interests, offering trade development and engineering services. In Hungary, public water services are provided by state and municipally owned water utility companies. 41 public utilities operate under different structures and 38 of these are affiliated members of MaVíz, which represents more than 98% of the public water services of the country. In addition, 120 affiliated members represent the water industry and trade, institutes and engineering services. MaVíz’s has the duty to co-ordinate these organisations, which differ not only in size but also in the type of services that they provide.

The Secretariat

The main organ of the Association is the General Assembly, which consists of members and associated members. The Association is directed by a Presidium, which is re-elected every four years and is headed by the Chairman. The operation of the Association is financed by yearly membership fees, utilization of which is controlled by the Board of Supervision. Daily tasks are performed by the Secretariat, with a small staff headed by the Secretary General.

The organisation's activities are supported by committees consisting of the best experts delegated by our members.

Areas of activity

Representation of the sector’s interests
Scientific work related to the water sector
Publications in scientific journals
Preparation of comments on legal documents and decrees
Organization of conferences
Maintaining relations with national and foreign organizations, ministries, municipalities, parliamentary, scientific and social committees, associations and chambers
Enhancing public engagement
Providing professional help for member companies
Dissemination of information, technical, economic and administrative training
Spreading of advanced technologies and best practices, co-operation with the water industry and trade companies, as well as with local authorities and social organizations
Assisting our members with participation in international projects and identifying possible export markets for the products and services of the Hungarian water sector.

Partners in Co-operation

The Hungarian Water Utility Association has built a strong relationship with other interest groups, trade unions, authorities, ministerial departments and international organizations that are working in the fields of the water utility sector. The different types of co-operation might include the preparation of scientific materials, the organization of shared events, the printing of leaflets, and lobbying activities.

International Relations

The new MaVíz strategy that was adopted in March 2016 identifies the strengthening of national and international professional and business co-operation as one of the top priorities of the Association for the coming years. This includes, among others, the enhancement of information transfer between the water industry and the utility companies and supporting the business activities of the water utility sector abroad and the spread of best practices and newest technologies within the sector.

Based on these strategy guidelines, the MaVíz Secretariat has started to develop diplomatic relations with a wide range of countries and national associations in order to help the tradable products and services of the Hungarian water sector enter the markets of these selected countries.

Participation in the activities of international organizations

The Hungarian Water Utility Association is a member of a wide range of international organizations including EurEau, the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services. MaVíz has been a full member of EurEau since Hungary joined the EU in 2004, after having examined the activity of this European organization for years as an Observing Member. Members of the MaVíz Secretariat are participating in the following commissions and working groups (WG) in the time period of 2016-2018:


EU1 - Drinking Water

  • Drinking Water Quality WG
  • Water Resource Protection WG

EU2 - Waste Water

  • Wastewater Resources WG
  • Trade Effluent WG

EU3 - Economics and Legal Affairs

  • EU Funds WG
  • TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)
  • Benchmarking and Transparency WG

The Hungarian Water Utility Association is also a governing member of the International Water Association (IWA) since 2004 and a partner of the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD).

Education and Training

Each year, the Secretariat compiles a training programme based on the topics suggested by our members, which generally reflect the most important challenges facing the water sector, but also include information transfer on technologies and best practices. Among others, topics include water loss analysis and leakage detection, energy efficiency measures, energy audit, water metering and the challenges that surround the agricultural use of sewage sludge. Our training courses are generally of two different types: one-day technical workshops and courses that last for several days.

Since one of the biggest challenges of the water sector is the shortage of new specialists, we are also closely collaborating with technical training colleges and universities in the organization of awareness-raising campaigns in order to motivate students to choose courses of studies that are related to the water sector. It is also among our goals to develop an intensive training programme that is exclusively designed for foreign students and employees of the water sector, who would be able to acquire some practical skills from the experts of the Hungarian water.


Telephone: +36-30-315-2427