REKK.AQUA, the Water Economic Unit of the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research

The Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research has been providing energy and water consultancy and professional further training courses, and conducting research since 2004. Most of the staff at REKK have backgrounds in economics, several of them are lecturers and researchers at the Corvinus University of Budapest. A large part of the research centre’s projects are conducted in international coordination. In 2016, based on their results achieved in education and research, they created the REKK Foundation for Regional Policy Co-operation in Energy and Infrastructure, which aims to provide effective professional support for the establishment of economically and environmentally sustainable energy and infrastructure systems in Central Europe.

The REKK Water Economic Unit focuses on the economic aspects of water utilities, reservoir management and flood risk management in Hungary and the Central European region. The professional approach they represent, which handles the sectors that are usually treated separately at a systemic level and adds economic considerations to the water management and environmental ones is crucially important. Their economic analyses focus on studying the natural water cycle and the social and economic activities that influence it. The REKK Water Economic Unit champions a novel and unique approach in that it uses the methodologies of economics to study the value generation opportunities associated with the natural water cycle and the efficient distribution of resourses associated with water usage.

Research and studies produced with the cooperation of REKK AQUA in water economics:

The EPI-WATER FP7 research program, whose objective is to provide relevant information to decision-makers about the economic regulators available to promote water policy objectives and the conditions of their applicablility.

A review of the Hungarian water utility sector was produced through the regional program of the Danube Water Program.

Development of public administration decision support instruments for the optimal use of the floodwater reservoirs along the River Tisza. (link)