Quality is always in focus - Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt. is pioneering development

Északdunántúli Vízmű Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (the North Transdanubian Waterworks Private Limited Company, ÉDV) was established to provide drinking water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment tasks. Within its area of operation in Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér and Pest counties, it provides a fresh water supply to 310 thousand people in 84 towns and sewerage services to approximately 285 thousand people in 72 towns.

Most of the water supply is obtained from the Tatabánya, Dorog and Bicske regional systems supplied by karst water, with a smaller part coming from filtered water bases by the Danube and a few individual wells. ÉDV operates water utilities owned by the state under a property management contract, and those owned by municipalities under individual, long-term service contracts. Its activities also cover the exchange of water with other utility companies through the regional water utility systems.

The Company’s mission

The mission of ÉDV, a company that has been in operation for over a hundred years, is to provide quality water utility services in compliance with consumer requirements through the efficient management of the community assets in its care. In the course of its activities the Company devotes particular attention to the harmonization of the objectives of the Company, employees and business partners, in compliance with social expectations, the protection of the environment and the setting of prices that are consistent with market conditions.

A ’water mine’ unique in Europe

The two water shafts (marked XIV/A and XV/C) operated by ÉDV were originally created for the temporary dewatering of coal mines and available coal seams below the stationary karst water level, but since 1985 they have only been used to extract water. The karst water obtained from 200 to 250 metres below the surface from a water base that is certified as mineral water at the place of production is the fundamental water base of the Tatabánya drinking water supply system.

Quality is always in focus – continuous improvement and increase of production capacity is a constant objective

It is the objective and the obligation, and also in the interest of a water utility provider to maintain the quality of the service and to comply with all consumer requirements. At ÉDV, technical, financial and organisational conditions are all suitable for that, along with opportunities for the rational use of human and financial resources. In the final analysis, appropriate internal and external resources and the correct coordination of tasks are the foundation for productive and successful operation. By applying the principle of “from the water base to the consumer”, a quality and economical drinking water supply and the collection and treatment of wastewater can be maintained in the long term within the Company’s area of operation.

Most recently between 01.01.2014 and 31.12.2015, ÉDV completed a research and development project on the Oroszlány-Kisbér regional water supply system, which has resulted in the development of an intelligent, online pressure management system. By applying several of the best technologies of the industry in parallel, including both software and hardware solutions, the integrated operations management and supervision system aims to handle the systems that solve the problems of individual partial areas of the water utility industry in an integrated fashion.

The main focus of the development was the reduction of losses and costs, and the system developed ensures transparency, fast analysis, the timely recognition of malfunctions and problematic areas, the monitoring of pressure and flow conditions in time, and the supervision of critical points. It was a further requirement that operating the system should not necessarily require specialist knowledge, while also providing opportunities to specialists for the analysis and the production of comprehensive impact studies, efficient optimization of planning and simulation of costs.

The combination of new data transmission protocols, systems and algorithms created as the result of the research opened new opportunities in operational supervision that can use real-time consumer data to generate clear signals about any leaks and pipeline breakages in the network as well as the required interventions. The system developed supports the improvement of the hydraulic capacity, the water quality and the operational security of water utility networks, while at the same time it can also reduce operating costs, water losses and the risk of losses, as well as consumer complaints.

As a contribution to the training of water utility specialists in Hungary, ÉDV has offered an offline simulation facility to institutions of higher education, and also makes the completed system available to other providers in the industry, who will be able to adapt the complete solutions in the future at a lower cost and less expenditure of labour.

Reducing service losses – network diagnostic programme

In order to reduce service losses, the Company operates a network diagnostic team, whose tasks include the surveying of drinking water networks using a diagnostic measurement truck, the exploration of defect locations, the delimitation of leakages using electro-acoustic means, and the exact specification of the locations of pipeline routes and valves. The discovery of network losses is assisted by a modern pool of instruments, and it is repeated over ÉDV’s entire network in a regular, scheduled manner. The Company has installed technical water meters in order to establish loss measurement zones, for which employees record daily water balances. The repair of defective locations discovered during the network diagnostic surveys allows the network’s maintenance tasks to be planned in a more efficient manner.

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