ÖKO AQUA 2016 – a conference for the water utility profession at Eger

The Hungarian Water Utility Association organises the ÖKO AQUA conference and trade show every two years: this year’s event was attended by almost five hundred specialists. In their welcome speeches, Viktor Kurdi, the Chairman of the Association, who opened the conference, Government Commissioner Dr. Gábor Pajtók and László Habis, the mayor of Eger established a constructive and forward-looking tone for the convention which continued to characterise the entire three-day event.

At the conference, Tamás Zarándy, the director of economic research company Századvég Gazdaságkutató Zrt. presented a comprehensive study produced by his institute, along with their short and medium term proposals for stabilising and developing the water utility sector. The study emphasised two central areas that require intervention in order to operate the sector in a sustainable fashion. One of them is the maintenance and development of water utility systems, the other is the rethinking of public utility tax.

In his innovative presentation, Csaba Haranghy, CEO of Budapest Waterworks and vice-chairman of the Association described the export opportunities of the water utility sector. According to the specialist, sustainable growth of the sector is not to be expected from the continuous reduction of costs, but from the export of knowledge and services, and he emphasised that Hungary has exceptional performance and expertise in the fields of water engineering.

In the various section sessions over the three days, the participants discussed current issues of the water such as water security, sludge treatment, smart technologies and best investment practices.

The trade show accompanying the conference brought the latest developments and the most modern technological solutions associated with water services to the attention of the participants.

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