Major Hungarian Water Sector Companies in 2013

Hungary is famous for its developed water and sanitation infrastructure, and for its companies that can provide not only affordable, secure and healthy drinking water but also offer the world cutting edge technologies, competitive know-how, sensational innovations and long-term solutions. The professional associations play a significant role in the water industries with experience in how to help diverse players harmonize their interests and development goals.

The complete list of the Hungarian water sector’s major professional organizations and companies, based on their main activities can be found below.

Hungarian companies

Construction sector

  • Agriapipe:
  • Bonex:
  • Keviep Hungary:
  • VIKUV:

Engineering sector

  • Agroinvest:
  • Elcom:
  • Gradex:
  • Hidrofilt:
  • Organica:
  • Pureco:

Utility service

  • Alföldvíz:
  • Duna Menti Regionális Vízmű:
  • Dunántúli Regionális Vízmű:
  • Északdunántúli Vízmű:
  • Északmagyarországi Regionális Vízművek Zrt.
  • Fejérvíz:
  • Fővárosi Csatornázási Művek:
  • Fővárosi Vízművek:
  • Nyírségvíz:
  • Pannon-Víz:
  • Vasivíz: www.vasiviz


  • Aquaprofit:
  • BDL:
  • Clarity Consulting:
  • Hidrokomplex:
  • Tradeland:
  • VTK Innosystem: 


  • Cordi K+F Nonprofit:

Foreign companies


  • Atlas Copco
  • Ganz
  • Siemens
  • Wilo


  • Danfoss
  • General Electric
  • Grundfos
  • Hobas


  • DHI

Utility service

  • SUEZ Environment
  • Veolia

The major professional associations with their fields of operations and objectives are:

The Hungarian Water Cluster

The founding objective of the Hungarian Water Cluster (, established in 2008) is to bring together Hungarian companies operating in the different areas of the water industry, to harmonize specific development and innovation activities, production development and to create consortiums for investment projects and tenders. There is a strong cooperation among the member companies in foreign markets to jointly help their potential partners in water management issues by using their expertise, knowledge, know-how and capacity.

The Cluster possesses a broad knowledge base that includes

  • public utility (water and drainage systems), drinking water purification / services / water packaging / water treatment,
  • communal and industrial wastewater treatment / purification,
  • planning / construction relating to flood prevention.

Hungarian Water Utility Association

The members of the Hungarian Water Utility Association (, “MaViz” established in 1990) comprise water and sewage companies acting in Hungary. Educational institutes, commercial and technology oriented water industry companies have also joined as associated members. As an independent interlocutor MaViz harmonizes and represents the interests of the sector as well as offers trade development and engineering services. MaViz maintains relations with national and foreign organizations, central and local governments, scientific and public stakeholders. MaViz also advances the spread of a new technologies and new methods of water management and supports innovation of the industry. 

The Hungarian Water Utility Association is a member of EUREAU (European Federation of National Associations of Water and Wastewater Services) and IWA (International Water Association).

National Union of Water Management Associations (

The Hungarian union of water boards (National Union of Water Management Associations) was established in 1992. Since 1998 the Hungarian water boards act under the umbrella of the Ministry of Rural Development. The number of members is 82; the average size is close to 100,000 hectares.

Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (

The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers is the self-governing body of engineers in the field of planning and technical expertise, conducting and certifying the qualifications of professional engineers. The Chamber has 20 professional sections covering all fields of engineering activities, inclusive geology, water management and civil engineering.

Hungarian Hydrological Society (

The Hungarian Hydrological Society is a nonprofit organisation with 2,200 individual members and 250 members organisations from water administration, public services, water industry, research institutes, consulting companies and universities.

Hungarian Wastewater Association (

The Hungarian Wastewater Association provides a forum for planners, engineers, experts and government officials, who together enable the development of the Hungarian sewerage and waste water treatment infrastructure and systems.

Association of Environmental Enterprises (

The Association of Environmental Enterprises, established in 1992, covers the whole spectrum of the environmental sector including water management.

GWP Hungary Foundation (

The GWP Hungary Foundation (the Hungarian partner of the Global Water Partnership) supports the sustainable development and management of water resources. GWP Hungary believes that an integrated approach managing water resources is the most effective way to contribute to GWP’s vision - a water secure world. The Foundation cooperates with the key water stakeholders of the country and supports: public involvement, training, public awareness raising, implementing EU regulation related to water and transboundary cooperation in the Danube Basin.

Source: Hungarian Investment and Trade Angency, (HITA), “The Hungarian Water and Sanitation Industry in the 21st century”, 2013.

The entire brochure is available for download here.