Quality is always in focus - Északdunántúli Vízmű Zrt. is pioneering development

Északdunántúli Vízmű Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság (the North Transdanubian Waterworks Private Limited Company, ÉDV) was established to provide drinking water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment tasks. Within its area of operation in Komárom-Esztergom, Fejér and Pest counties, it provides a fresh water supply to 310 thousand people in 84 towns and sewerage services to approximately 285 thousand people in 72 towns.

The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz)

The Hungarian Water Utility Association (MaVíz) was established in 1990 with a view to act as an independent representative of the water industry’s interests, offering trade development and engineering services. In Hungary, public water services are provided by state and municipally owned water utility companies. 41 public utilities operate under different structures and 38 of these are affiliated members of MaVíz, which represents more than 98% of the public water services of the country. In addition, 120 affiliated members represent the water industry and trade, institutes and engineering services. MaVíz’s has the duty to co-ordinate these organisations, which differ not only in size but also in the type of services that they provide.

The Hungarian Water Utility Sector

Water utility services are focusing on two main basic activities in Hungary: the provision of piped drinking water and wastewater treatment services.

Global Challenges – Hungarian Answers and Excellence

Hungary has faced diverse challenges such as the global phenomenon of climate change, extreme floods and droughts and has significant experience in handling storm waters, urban environmental and water quality challenges. There are several success stories in avoiding catastrophes especially because necessary interventions were made in harmony with the ecological systems.

Hungarians in the global water industry

The design and implementation of complex water engineering solutions for developing countries has always been and still is a distinguished area of Hungary’s international cooperation. Hungary and Hungarian experts have several success stories from over the years in providing solutions in- amongst others - water management, well drilling and in irrigation.

Major Hungarian Water Sector Companies in 2013

Hungary is famous for its developed water and sanitation infrastructure, and for its companies that can provide not only affordable, secure and healthy drinking water but also offer the world cutting edge technologies, competitive know-how, sensational innovations and long-term solutions. The professional associations play a significant role in the water industries with experience in how to help diverse players harmonize their interests and development goals.

Hungary: a Water Superpower

Hungarian water resources are outstanding in the region, thanks to the prevailing hydrogeological conditions in the Carpathian Basin. Due to a thousand years of experience, prominent expertise has developed in water management and the industry is up to the highest standards. Hungary is not only rich in quality drinking waters with developed water infrastructure but also a “healing garden” because of its extensive thermal water resources.

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