Hungarian Water Cluster

The Hungarian Water Cluster was established in 2008 to collect Hungarian companies from different fields of the water industry in order to unite their expertise, knowledge, capacity and vitality, as well as to offer complex solutions in water issues to potential international partners.

The solutions offered by the Hungarian Water Cluster are customized to individual and specific local requirements, its activities cover the whole scale of the water industry. The cluster currently has 30 member companies.

The management of the Cluster has significant role in the leadership of Hungarian (HWA Hungarian Water Association, HWUA Hungarian Water Utility Association), and international (EWA European Water Association, IAWD The International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, ASEM Water Asia – Europe Meeting Water Resources Research & Development Centre) professional organisations. The representatives of the member companies are regular participants of the business delegations accompanying the international meetings of the Hungarian Government.

The Hungarian Water Cluster offers world-class solutions from a single source in every field of the water industry.

In the area of water treatment, the organisation designs, constructs and reconstructs water treatment plants, different structures, utility networks and wells and also provides water-loss analysis, and mobile water treatment equipment.

In the field of wastewater, Hungarian Water Cluster designs, constructs and reconstructs municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, municipal and industrial drainage systems and also carries out biotechnological research.

The Cluster manages storm water, flood, inland water and ground water problems, it is the frontrunners of the market in storm water management (drainage, storage, infiltration) and offers flood protection solutions.

Engineering member companies are aware of, and apply successfully, the advanced technologies of the water industry.

The Cluster offers solutions for geotechnical problems (erosion control, retaining walls, mass stabilization) and for treatment of contaminated groundwater. It has members with extensive experiences in the operation of water and wastewater plants. And it also offers business consulting, project management and IT services.

The member companies have more than 30 patented products and technologies and have  references in almost 50 countries.


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