Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

The Hungarian Chamber of Engineers is a professional public body established by the 19 independent county chambers of engineers under Act No. LVIII of 1996 on the Professional Chambers of Engineers and Architects. It has 20 professional sections which can have sub-divisions at the county level. Members are also members of the county chamber of their home, and based on their respective qualifications and interests, are members of the professional section(s) too. Altogether, the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers has almost 19,000 full members and has another 13,000 affiliated registered professionals.

The most important public tasks of the Chamber:

  • It administrates professional licenses on behalf of members and registered professionals nationwide, focusing on the fields of engineering design, technical expertise, construction site management, and site inspection.
  • It helps to raise the professional and ethical level of engineering activities.
  • It participates in the further enhancement of technical regulations, standards and quality assurance systems.
  • It collaborates with institutions responsible for educating engineers and takes part in forming and finalizing requirements for academic courses and certifications; it organizes CPD courses for chartered engineers.
  • It articulates opinions on legislation that applies to the economic background of engineering activities, and protects professional interests.
  • It supports young engineers in obtaining certificates and licenses in order to participate in individual activities (HCE Master School, Mentor Program).


Professional sections:

The Chamber devises sector development strategies and recommendations, compiles relevant technical-economic analyses and assists with the development of relevant regulations, influencing sectoral policies through compiling expert documents related to such issues.

The Chamber is a member of the European Council of Engineers Chambers and the European Council of Civil Engineers and it takes an active part in the activities of both organizations in order to shape the relevant EU regulations.

We have a productive relationship with the engineering chambers of the Visegrád Group. Meetings are held regularly to promote discussion regarding regional and national professional issues, improving ways to solve problems together.


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