Budapest Waterworks

The core activities of the almost 150-year-old Fővárosi Vízművek Plc. (Budapest Waterworks) include potable water treatment, potable water production, pipe network operation and potable water services, as well as sewage treatment and the related services, activities which are supported by world standard technologies. The design and construction knowledge based on operational experience and extensive practice gained in this field are indispensable for helping to develop and operate the sizeable water utility assets they manage in the long term, thus satisfying even the highest expectations; and to reconstruct them to meet the expected level of efficiency.

The excellent Hungarian engineer training system, the experienced and knowledgeable technical professionals provide the Company with a very good and reliable background for the technical development projects on which it has embarked in recent years. The company not only designs and partly implements its own projects with its own capacities and with the involvement of subcontractors, but also accepts more and more external project orders from all over the world.

Budapest Waterworks, founded in 1868, supplies 2 million people with healthy potable water and sanitation services in Budapest and its conurbation.

Having undergone major transformations, developing from a socialist city potable water utility to an internationally recognized regional company operating water and sewage systems, Budapest Waterworks is ready to share its experiences in restructuring operations; implementation, integration and development of cutting-edge technologies; construction projects, and in the reorganisation and process management of customer service processes and non-revenue water management, as well as many other areas.

Besides offering expertise to potable water supply and wastewater service companies, utility companies, as well as municipalities, as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions searching for ways to reform and improve their water-related utility services, Budapest Waterworks can provide operational expertise, consultancy and background to water utility related infrastructure development and construction projects.

The company has recently developed mobile water purification systems, which are usable both for shorter periods, for example in the event of a service failure or a natural disaster, and for longer periods providing smaller settlements and refugee camps with healthy drinking water.

International references:

Indonesia: Construction of water treatment plants (72 m3/h or 144 m3/h capacity) in 34 locations.

Sri Lanka: Rehabilitation and expansion of two water treatment plants supplying the capital city with potable water. Kalatuwawa will be extended from 71,000 m3/d to 90,000 m3/d, whereas Labugama from 40,000 m3/day to 60,000 m3/day.

Azerbaijan: Introduction of an electronic workforce management system, design and technical supervision of two potable water reservoirs, preparation of the ten-year IT strategy of the state owned water utility company, AZERSU.

IAWD – World Bank: Elaboration of business and long term development plans for water utility companies in the West Balkans focusing on customer services, revenue collection and reduction of non-revenue water.

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