Budapest Sewage Works Pte Ltd.

The almost 170-year-old Budapest Sewage Works Pte Ltd. (BSW Pte Ltd.) is the largest environmental service provider in Hungary. In Budapest, the capital with a population of 1.7 million inhabitants, the company operates a network of more than 6,000 km, 191 pumping stations, two wastewater treatment plants and, in case of floods, it is also responsible for flood protection works along an approximately 90 km long embankment section of the River Danube.

In addition to its core activities of wastewater collection and treatment, he mission of BSW Pte Ltd., as the largest environmental management company, is to be a leader in the field of environment-friendly technologies and developments, notably the production of biogas. All employees of the company are committed to serve the needs and requirements of the communities they serve in compliance with the technical, social and human requirements of the 21st century, at a high standard of quality, in a customer-friendly and innovative way.

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