The water cycle and sustainability goals

Many of us have learnt a great deal about the water cycle at school. UNWATER has produced a clear infographic to show that we can only achieve the goals associated with water if we take into account all the parts of the cycle and their interrelationships.

The infographic places the goals on a figure demonstrating the water cycle, in order to show that Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Sustainable Development Goals), entitled Clean Water and Sanitation, involves a comprehensive approach to all the components of the water cycle: 1) drinking water, 2) sanitation and hygiene, 3) water quality and wastewater, 4) water use and scarcity, 5) water resources management, 6) ecosystems, 6 a-b) cooperation and participation. The infographic makes it clear that the targets cover all the phases, concerned parties and processes of the water cycle, and as a result it designates the tasks associated with ensuring a safe supply of drinking water in a systemic, holistic manner.

The figure uses one of the targets of Goal 5, Sustainable cities and communities, with aspects related to water, i.e. the target of alleviating the lethal impact of natural disasters (some of which are water-related) to demonstrate the many points of connections between the individual Sustainable Development Goals and water. The infographic produced by UNWATER is a spectacular demonstration of the fact that the goals can only be achieved through managing the issue of water with a systemic approach, focussing on the importance of those linkages, as, after all, Water Connects.

Infographic source: UNWATER website