UNESCO International Hydrological Programme, IHP

The International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO was established by the UN in 1975. Through continuous development, the initial international hydrological research programme has today become an organisation assisting water education and capacity development and supporting water resource management and water governance.

The IHP applies a multidisciplinary approach to supporting an integrated view of watershed and aquifer management so as to place increased emphasis on the social role of water as a resource. The organisation operates in six-year programme periods; it entered its eighth phase in 2014, which focuses on water security and finding solutions to local, regional and global challenges.

The current chairman of the International Hydrological Programme is András Szöllősi-Nagy, the co-chairman of the international programme committee of the Budapest Water Summit and a professor at the National University of Public Service.

The website of the International Hydrological Programme is at http://en.unesco.org/themes/water-security/hydrology.