The Water Knowledge Platform of the World Conservation Union

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) has been an umbrella organisation for the nature conservation organisations of individual countries and their professional activities since 1948; as a neutral professional forum, it creates opportunities for cooperation between various areas of specialisation and sectors worldwide.

The mission of the IUCN Water Knowledge Platform is to make water management more sustainable worldwide, and to promote the development of solutions that profit both our natural environment and the population of Earth. The programme creates an opportunity for the expert, decision-maker and business sector members of the World Conservation Union to join together in developing and implementing sustainable water management projects that contribute to the responsible use and the protection of the water resources of planet Earth.

Under the auspices of the programme, currently experts are cooperating with local decision-makers and the private sector in 12 major river basis on five continents to protect the integrity of those catchment areas and to develop resilience to climate change, thereby making the ecosystems more resilient while improving the standard of life in the regions concerned.

The website of the IUCN Water Knowledge Platform is at