Stockholm International Water Institute – SIWI

The Stockholm International Water Institute has a vision for the future: a world in which everyone recognises and respects the value of water, and where everyone’s basic water needs are met, everywhere in the world, in a sustainable fashion.

The institute uses the toolkit of applied research, legislation, capacity development and platform creation to form a bridge between the scientific community, decision-makers and implementers, and for the past 25 years it has been working to create sustainable, innovative regulatory solutions to water management challenges that are built on a sound scientific basis.

Once a year, SIWI organises World Water Week in Stockholm for stakeholders from the scientific community, the world of business and decision-makers, where the most important and topical issues of the water management sector are discussed, with opportunities for sharing and debating research results, developments and any problems that arise.

The Stockholm Water Prize was created to recognise major water-related achievements in scientific research and innovation, while the Stockholm Junior Water Prize aims to encourage the talented young scientists working in the field. Both prizes are presented during World Water Week.

As a professional partner of the Budapest Water Summit, Torgny Holmgren, the managing director of the Stockholm International Water Institute also contributes to the success of the event as a member of the programme committee of the conference.

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