International Water Resources Association – IWRA

The International Water Resources Association is a global scholarly community connecting experts in all disciplines associated with water management. The non-profit non-governmental organisation defines education as its primary task, and it has been working for 45 years. It offers a global knowledge-based platform for connecting individual scientific disciplines, experts, NGOs, businesses, decision-makers, students and private individuals, so as to allow them to work together on solutions that will make the use of the Earth’s water resources sustainable and economical.

The mission of IWRA is to implement educational and research projects in order to map and improve our collective understanding of various aspects of water use, water demand and water management. The Association is deeply committed to the sound management of water resources, and conducts the activities below in order to achieve its objective:

  • Providing and international, knowledge based forum for water resource issues
  • Conducting research concerning water resources, water management and associated environmental issues
  • Promoting water education globally, and providing access to the latest research results
  • Enhancing the quality of professional information used in decision-making processes
  • Improving exchanges of information and experiences
  • Networking with other professional organisations to advance common goals and interests

Contact information for the organisation: