International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage - ICID

The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, established in 1950, is a non-governmental organisation promoting sustainable water governance. Over the last over 60 years, the ICID has provided practical and networking assistance to the experts, theoretical and practical specialists from more than 100 countries in its network, so as to facilitate the development of innovative solutions, research programmes and water management regulations. The mission of the organisation is to promote the spread of sustainable water management through the coordination of the disciplines of science, engineering, technology, economics, agriculture, nature preservation and the social sciences and the implementation of water management, irrigation, flood protection and canal construction programmes that are sustainable, progressive, and which enhance the quality of life while also protecting the natural environment.

ICID promotes and facilitates cross-sector cooperation and works to improve food security and develop sustainable agriculture worldwide. The main areas of activity and research of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage include:

  • Development and modernisation of irrigation systems and services
  • Local irrigation systems
  • Water saving in agriculture
  • The role of irrigation in rural development
  • Environmental impacts of irrigation and canal systems
  • Links between climate change and water management in agriculture
  • Use of poor quality water for irrigation
  • Flood and drought management
  • Biofuels and food

The website of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage is at