Global Water Partnership

The GWP Hungary Foundation – the Hungarian member organisation of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) – is one of the professional partners of the Budapest Water Summit. The international organisation, which is 20 years old today, was created to solve and prevent the difficulties caused by the freshwater crisis. The organisation currently operates with 3000 partners in 174 countries. Its target group consists of the populations of developing and water-deficient countries, but its educational, awareness-raising and expert activities also serve conscious water use in the developed world.

Its national and regional organisations around the world are endeavouring to create a suitable professional platform for decision-makers, scientists in the field, and the NGOs representing the parties concerned. The GWP Hungary Foundation has been working to achieve the following primary goals since 2002:

Fostering integrated water resource management
Supporting aquatic environmental protection
Improving defences against flooding and inland waters
Promotion of cooperation between countries in the river basins of the Tisza and the Danube rivers in the interest of integrated water management
Promotion of the accession of Hungary and other countries in the region to the EU, then, after accession, supporting EU tasks associated with water


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