In Budapest, a Green Island helps with making shipping on the Danube more sustainable

In the centre of Budapest, along the section of the embankment in front of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Green Island awaits boats on the Danube seven days a week, day and night. They can take water and fuel and deposit the waste collected on board, including any hazardous waste generated during operation. They can also perform minor repairs and engineering tasks along their way. The waterborne facility, built for a total of HUF 600 million, is the first in Europe to provide complex, environmentally aware services to boats on the Danube.

During the operation of boats transporting passengers and cargo on the Danube, they accumulate large quantities of environmentally harmful materials that the boats have nowhere to deposit. The Green Island offers fuel, drinking water, boating supplies and an opportunity to deposit oily bilge-water and wastewater, which reduces the environmental load that boating on the Danube causes significantly, and also contributes to improving water quality.

The operation of the Green Island itself is also based on the principles of sustainability. It has solar cells to provide energy, and the immediate neutralisation of the harmful materials received is treated as a top priority. Non-drip connectors ensure that fuelling does not result in incidental environmental pollution, either.

Thanks to the modern equipment and the world-class service, the environmental loads generated by boats are reduced, and shipping on the Danube becomes more sustainable. One of the priority objectives of the service is to ensure that the amount of pollution released into living waters is reduced to a minimum. The hazardous materials deposited at the facility are neutralised and then transferred for deposition to authorised waste managers.

The images are published with the permission of Tanker Port Environmental Technology and Innovation Ltd.