Prize-Winning Arsenic Removal

Recognising the inherent opportunities of sustainable water utilisation, Aquaprofit Ltd., building on two decades of experience, offers tailored, complex solutions for the planning and implementation of water management, environmental protection, regional development and tourism projects.

Among the traditional tasks of water management, along with flood and inland water protection and irrigation, the supply of the population with drinking water of appropriate quality is of vital importance. The Company has participated in a number of drinking water quality improvement projects in Hungary. The objective of drinking water improvement programmes – in line with the provisions of the European Union – is to provide healthy drinking water for everyone. Along with the improved quality of life, the developments also result in a reduction in the factors detrimental to health affecting the population. Measures aimed at developing the basic infrastructure can increase the security of the public drinking water supply significantly, as under more optimal operating conditions, water loss can be reduced, which makes for more efficient operation. In accordance with the EU Directive, the primary objective is the removal of arsenic, nitrite, boron, fluoride and ammonium from drinking water. In Hungary, water from deeper strata is primarily suitable for supplying drinking water, but in many cases they contain high concentrations of arsenic. The high arsenic content of deep groundwater can also be a problem in other countries.

However, an innovative solution developed by Aquaprofit can ensure a clean and healthy drinking water supply for many thousands of people worldwide. The Technological Development Group, composed of highly qualified specialists, has conducted a targeted research and development project to explore and establish a method for improving the efficiency of arsenic removal and a complex solution for removing other pollutants such as ammonium ions, iron and manganese as well.

The process and device created by the company purifies water containing arsenic and iron in water supply systems. The invention consists of a pretreatment process with multiple steps, collectively referred to as preoxidation, followed by ozone oxidation, and a device capable of filtering out the pollutants. Thanks to the innovative solutions of the method, it is significantly more advantageous and more environment-friendly than the traditional water treatment technique, because

It can reduce the environmental load significantly.
Coagulant dosing is not required, it can be increased using oxidation.
The better incorporated arsenate can be removed more efficiently.
Water wastage can be reduced because the process requires less rinsing water.
A decanter of smaller volume is required.
It can achieve arsenic concentrations below 10 μg/litre, as prescribed in the EU.

By the end of 2015, the new arsenic removal technology contributed to the supply of healthy drinking water in the drinking water quality improvement programmes in six towns in Hungary.

The Ministry of Agriculture awarded the Environmental Protection Innovation Prize, the award that recognises the year’s most significant technical or economic innovation, to Aquaprofit Ltd. for the development of the process and device for the purification of water containing arsenic using multi-step preoxidation and ozone oxidation. The award was presented by Secretary of State Zsolt Németh and József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office at the Innovation Awards Ceremony to the executives of Aquaprofit Technical, Consultation and Investment Ltd., CEO Péter Udud and Tamás Nádasi, the Chairman of the Company.

In addition to originality, novelty and social and environmental utility, the jury also considered economic indicators – the extra profit or revenue realised during 2015 as a result of using the innovation – to choose the most significant and most successful innovations of the 22 entrants.