AsMet, the Arsenic Removal Equipment Family

S-Metalltech 98 Ltd founded in 1998 works on one hand as a R&D workshop for universities and industrial companies and on the other hand as a manufacturing base of special materials applied in the field of environmental protection, electrical industry, automotive industry and nuclear reactor technology – cooperating with many of home and foreign partners. At the Water Summit 2013 Budapest the company will introduce its prominent product, which is an easy to operate, small, mobile arsenic removal equipment.

Based on a highly selective adsorbent/ion exchange resin the S-Metalltech Ltd have developed an arsenic removal equipment-family under AsMet brand. With this special cerium-hydroxide base adsorbent material the company offers an economical and simply solution for the waterworks, local governments, food companies (having own wells with arsenic contaminated waters), and other companies working in the field of water treatment for reducing the arsenic content of the waters they supply or use below the limit prescribed by the EU (10 mg As/litre water).

AsMet-arsenic mitigation equipment

The AsMet-technology reduces the arsenic content of the water flowing through the containers filled with adsorbers without changing the physical and chemical parameters of the water as taste, odor, composition etc. The fully automatized equipments work without any supervision, energy- and chemical consumption. The AsMet technology is easy to fit into newly designed water treating systems and match to existing water treating systems too.

Mobile regeneration equipment

The AsMet filter material (adsorber) can be regenerated. Depending on the amount of the adsorber and the water chemistry, the regeneration of the adsorber saturated with arsenic should be carried out in 4-12 months. At the final „worn out” of the adsorber (7-10 years) it should be changed. This waste material is not hazardous. 

The supply of the citizens with drinking water meeting with the arsenic limits defined by EU during the derogation period in Hungary (till June 2015) can be solved with this small arsenic filtration equipments settled the central points of the settlemets.

Arsenic removal equipment with 6 m3/day capacity (for derogation period).

Another benefit of the AsMet-technology and equipments is that they can solve economically the arsenic problems not only at drinking waters but at irrigation waters too. The small and middle agricultural companies can solve the arsenic mitigation the irrigation water resulting in significant reduction of the arsenic content in the fruits and vegetables avoiding the market disadvantages. 

Arsenic free vegetables

S-Metalltech Ltd is working on a R & D project, based on the production technology of the  arsenic adsorber material – aiming at develop an adsorbent material family which can separate from the water the arsenic, boron, iodine, antimony, and the fluorine contaminations. The fluorine adsorption solves easily the problems not only at drinking water, but at purification of semiconductor manufacturing waste water too.

The prototype of the AsMet-arsenic detector

One of the newest products of the S-Metalltech Ltd is a small and mobile arsenic detector equipment. The prototype of this equipment will be introduced at the Water Summit 2013 Budapest. This equipment makes it possible to measure the arsenic content of the drinking water at the site. There are a huge amount of interests from abroad to this new application.

An innovative technology of the S-Metalltech Ltd is the magnetic separation technology serving for separation of the arsenic particles from waste water resulted from the regeneration process of the arsenic mitigation process. This technology makes possible to reduce the quantity of the hazardous material and reusing the chemistries applied for the regeneration again.

After ferrit formation it is possible to separate the arsenic with the usage of magnetic field


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