Safe drinking water with Intelligent Water Aid Technology

Aquaprofit has produced a prototype to present an innovative and sustainable water solution, IWAT. Intelligent Water Aid Technology (IWAT) is a Hungarian innovation for safe drinking water supply in areas where there is no water infrastructure or for locations without electricity. It works with raw water.

In Budapest, a Green Island helps with making shipping on the Danube more sustainable

In the centre of Budapest, along the section of the embankment in front of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the Green Island awaits boats on the Danube seven days a week, day and night. They can take water and fuel and deposit the waste collected on board, including any hazardous waste generated during operation. They can also perform minor repairs and engineering tasks along their way. The waterborne facility, built for a total of HUF 600 million, is the first in Europe to provide complex, environmentally aware services to boats on the Danube.

Efficient decomposition of organic material using biomass adapted to sewage network conditions

The project entitled “Modernisation of the operation of the Dabas Wastewater Treatment Plant” (PIAC-13-1-2013-0030) employed innovative methods to improve the operation of the Dabas sewage network and wastewater treatment plant so as to reduce the periodically occurring significantly larger hydraulic and organic material loads of the plant, which exceed its rated capacity. The research and development was aimed at reducing daily peak hydraulic loads (making the flow of wastewater volumes to the wastewater treatment plants more even) and at examining the possibilities of pretreatment of the wastewater in the sewage network.

Fire hydrant drinking fountains

The Budapest Waterworks Co. received the idea for combination fire hydrant drinking fountains thanks to the Smart City Lab competition opened by Design Terminal in 2014. The entry submitted by the Rehydrant Project start-up company that won the award in the ‘water’ category was first realised during Design Week.

Prize-Winning Arsenic Removal

Recognising the inherent opportunities of sustainable water utilisation, Aquaprofit Ltd., building on two decades of experience, offers tailored, complex solutions for the planning and implementation of water management, environmental protection, regional development and tourism projects.

Germicidal UV Water Purification

LightTech Lámpatechnológiai Kft. (LightTech Lamp Technology Ltd) offers environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for ultraviolet (UVC) germicidal applications. Their UVC illuminants are used in various areas, among them for the sterilization of pools, water treatment of baths, fish farming. The technology also offers an excellent solution for life sciences and water treatment (e.g. waste water, drinking water purification, ballast water and water reclamation) equipment, and it also has air purification applications and surface treatment possibilities. 

Microbial Removal of Drug Pharmaceutical Residues from Organic Sewage Sludge

It is a global necessity to pay more attention to the ever increasing pollution of the waters. To preserve the water bases and provide them with an adequate protection is a great challenge as is the cleaning of polluted water, too. Conventional wastewater treatments are not suitable to remove all the incoming pollutants in the treatment plants. That is the reason why NYÍRSÉGVÍZ ZRT. (Nyíregyháza and Conurbation Water and Canalization Closed Shareholder Group) has started a new development program.

AsMet, the Arsenic Removal Equipment Family

S-Metalltech 98 Ltd founded in 1998 works on one hand as a R&D workshop for universities and industrial companies and on the other hand as a manufacturing base of special materials applied in the field of environmental protection, electrical industry, automotive industry and nuclear reactor technology – cooperating with many of home and foreign partners. At the Water Summit 2013 Budapest the company will introduce its prominent product, which is an easy to operate, small, mobile arsenic removal equipment.