ToolBox for better water management

The IWRM ToolBox is a free and open database with materials all available for use by anyone who is interested in implementing better approaches for the management of water or learning more about improving water management at a local, national, regional or global level.  

The ToolBox is an excellent place to engage with a broader community of interested practitioners and professionals around the world and to share experiences. The database is a library of background papers, policy briefs, technical briefs and perspective papers as well as huge sections of case studies and references in each tool. ToolBox does not only increase knowledge and improve network of contacts, but also helps in implementing ideas and solutions for water related problems.

There are altogether 59 different tools carefully elaborated in the IWRM ToolBox. Tools are IWRM concepts that help the user select a suitable mix and sequence of processes or steps that work in a given situation, context and country. 

Tools are illustrated by real experiences. The cases have been submitted by practitioners and professionals from all over the world and offer realistic lessons for others by giving examples of how a tool has worked in a given situation and context.

The critical challenges that hamper human development are grouped into five areas:

  • ·         Water and Climate Change
  • ·         Water and Food Security
  • ·         Water and Urbanisation
  • ·         Water and Energy Security
  • ·         Water and Ecosystems

The section also provides some background on the scale and nature of each critical challenge and considers why more attention needs to be paid for effective interventions. It further draws some of the key knowledge resources needed to better understand and to provide the solutions for tackling and addressing these challenges.