Rivers of the World – Education Pack

In 2006, the London Mayor’s Office completed the British Council’s educational project entitled ‘Rivers of the World’ in conjunction with the Thames Festival. The aim of the project was to produce an inspiring educational pack for 9 to 14-year-olds and their teachers with creative tasks that are not limited to any particular subject.

The education pack presents six flexible themes about the relationship between people and rivers, inviting students to take both a local and a global approach to discovering the various links between rivers and societies. The chapters contain background information, sources, subjects for debate and creative tasks that classes can fit into most of the subjects they study. The producers also collected additional resources for teachers, specified points of connections with academic subjects and set learning and skills development targets in the teacher’s guide. Among the additional resources, a 19-page document available for download discusses the Danube from a number of perspectives.

Since 2006, the education pack, available free of charge in English to all interested educators and young people, has been used in over 20 countries. Further information about the programme and the educational materials completed is available on the project’s homepage.