Online water training videos on TheWaterChannel

TheWaterChannel is an open resource with numerous videos related to water. It is a vivid community of creative people tuned into water. TheWaterChannel supports, stimulates and inspires people all over the world to work towards better management of water and natural resources!

TheWaterChannel was launched at the WordWaterForum in 2009 in Istanbul as a partnership of MetaMeta Communications, Nymphaea, UNESCO-IHE, and Cap-Net. The idea was to support education and awareness in water by making video material available that is often scattered and easily lost. The creators wanted to 'touch' the visitors and to help inspire them to work towards a world of better water management. The first year exceeded the expectations in terms of uptake and content! Joint projects were carried out with a wide variety of organizations and new partners joined in.

In 2011 TheWaterChannel entered a new phase: TheNextWave. The vision is to become an important force for change in water management by making it possible to provide fast learning, be an open source for practical and inspiring learning, and to bring water on many unexpected agenda's! TheWaterChannel will expand on all fronts: more videos, more side activities, and more real world presence!

Explore the fascinating and numerous online water training and related videos!