Danube Adventure, the portal for watery knowledge

Commissioned by the International Committee for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and created by Person Communications, the Danube Adventure portal was launched in February this year.

The site uses creative tasks and interesting questions to offer information to the public on the Danube. It presents the basic concepts and processes of water protection in a playful manner and promotes environmentally aware thinking and conduct. Although the tasks, the information and the design of the site are primarily targeted at teenagers, the site can be useful to all age groups. Visitors to the site can decide to try it as a guest, or to register and sign up for the newsletter, too.

The game can be played with one of three characters to discover the three segments of the Danube, the upper, the middle and the lower one, in sequence.

The first task involves finding the missing letters in the name of the city, facility or region in question, followed by answering a question about it.

The game contributes to education about the characteristics and the wildlife of the Danube, the learning of some water-related technical terms and reinforcing and extending existing knowledge.