Women’s Forum

Women and water-cooperation

It is well-known from various studies and reports that in countries lacking water supply women and girls are generally those who support their family and community with fresh water spending most of their day with this risky responsibility under scarce circumstances.

At the same time, women also take part in solving a wide range of water-related problems on a daily basis. They are members of international and governmental bodies and NGO-s, manage foundations or they use the diplomatic or financial instruments in supporting a sustainable and a more water-wise future.

The Women’s Forum, organised for the first time in the framework of Budapest Water Summit would like to focus on water-related questions and problems on matters of women more closely. During each session, our aim is to seek possible answers and solutions to these issues. 

Programme of the Women’s Forum

Along the different topics of the Women’s Forum, participants seek the interconnections between Sustainable Development Goal Nr 5 (Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls) and 6 (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all) with focusing on solutions and trying to explore as many aspects as possible. During the Forum, women will be presented as agents of change, leaders, professionals, experts and partners.

During the discussions good examples of local solutions as well as regional initiatives will be introduced which enable that no one should leave his home because of the lack of access to safe drinking water. In these types of initiatives, women play a key role in organising and keeping communities together.

The panel discussions are driven by the slogan ’Water connects’, as water is one of the most important natural elements, it has no borders. Hence, initiatives and programmes are needed, where water is considered as a universal human treasure and common human responsibility is encouraged in water management. In addition, good examples of cross-border projects will also be presented.

Finally, we will be looking for answers on how financing solutions can help improve families’ and communities’ quality of life in a sustainable and transparent way, whether with community-based collaboration or with professional financial background.

Participation and contact

The programmes of Women’s Forum will be framed along these lines. Interested applicants are invited to enquire at partnership@mfa.gov.hu. If you have any further questions, we will be pleased to assist you at the above e-mail address, or the following phone number: on +36 1 458 1270.


Detailed programme of the Women’s Forum

Last updated on 27 November, 2016