Presentations of the Plenary Sessions

Gerard Payen - How to provide safe and affordable drinking water to all



Henk Ovink - Water Financing Facility



Ibrahim Kabole - How to improve sanitation and hygiene



Jose Carrera - Financing water provision



Pierre Viktoria - How to improve sanitation and hygiene



Rahim Meidani - Best practices and lesson learned to improve sanitation and hygiene



Charles Vorosmarty - Ecosystems for Human Water Security



Chen Lei - Water conservation and protection



Christian Friis Bach - IWRM and transboundary water cooperation



Hazim El-Naser - Water Scarcity and the Need for Efficient Utilization of Water Resources



Mansour Faye - Gestion intégrée des ressources en eau



Ney Maranhao - How to manage water-related ecosystems better



Philip Gichuki - Water Quality Management Nairobi City Water And Sewerage Company Perspective


Sommad Pholsena - Integrated Water Resources Management in Lao PDR



Stuart Bunn - Investing in catchment and river management to protect aquatic ecosystems



Francesca Bernardini - Transboundary water management



Gabriella Vukovich - Official statistics in the service of monitoring SDG achievements



Graham Alabaster - Urban Systems & Water and Sanitation



Mohammed I. Al-Saud - Climate Change Facts



Toshio Koike - Climate and disasters